Our key strength is our team

It is our team which forms the heart of our reputation. It is much more than an accumulation of expertise and high-level skills, it is the bringing together of personalities, talents and different career paths, but above all the fruit (and not the happy coincidence), of all these interactions. At COHDA we firmly believe that intelligence is first and foremost collective. Enthusiastic, determined, inquisitive, driven by a passion for our profession and inspired by strong values, our working environment fosters collaboration, discussion and the exchange of ideas in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere! We savour and share every success, we excel to overcome every obstacle.

It’s not unusual to come across staff who have become partners, colleagues who have worked together for 10, 15 or even 20 years, and to sometimes see telepathy replace more sophisticated means of communication.


Full-time employees including 19 permanent staff members


Average number of years spent by the managerial team in the survey sector

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A state of mind that is shared everywhere, right up to our call platforms

because our team is fully involved and shares a communicative enthusiasm.

On the telephone, Alexandre, Margot, Antoine, Clémence, Laura, Greg, Arthur, Thérèse, Frédéric, Patricia, Hérodia, Vincent and others are in the front line, trained in administering questionnaires based on exacting and quality criteria specific to the survey profession, managed by our supervisors with our research officers in the background yet never far from their field of survey.

The guarantors of your image, they interview your customers, staff or citizens, with courtesy, attentiveness, neutrality and tact. This results in a rich collection of authentic and reliable data which will bring all the added value to our analyses.

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