Keeping up with crises

There is of course the general trend of responsible consumption with second hand, bulk buys, ethical labels, greener packaging, animal well-being and so on, and then there is the set of economic and societal phenomena requiring sector stakeholders to be hyper-reactive and pragmatic on a daily basis to harness the purchasing power of French households. Whilst in the past, consumerism represented fulfilment and was a social marker, it is now a symbol of an exhausted social model, consumption that fails to respect resources or the environment, and globalisation pushed to the extreme, destroying local employment and social balance.

Less is more

The abundance of products from all over the world, resulting from agricultural productivity and spécialisation, needs to be gradually replaced with simpler, more local products. These products will have to be more expensive for consumers, rewarding the effort of keeping their production in France.

Concern is at an all time high, especially given the recent rise in inflation. However, this concern should be allayed by the new paradigm of consuming less but consuming better, the pet topic of trade and retail stakeholders to drive change.

COHDA, focusing on agility and a resolutely different future

Thinking differently is one thing, providing the means to act differently is quite another. With 12 years of experience in mass consumption issues, the COHDA study institute helps producers, merchants and retailers to calmly tackle the major changes they are facing.

The COHDA teams are fully aware that turning a set of values on its head is never easy. Clearing out the methods of the past and old benchmarks is always a difficult process, even if they are no longer helpful in tackling the challenges of the coming decade.

Staying true to our co-construction approach, we strive to offer our very best analysis methods to guide your activities, help you weigh up your priorities, and facilitate your change strategy from both an operational perspective (products, concepts) and a strategic perspective, drawing on in-house analysts 100% made in France, our commitment to a local, inclusive society.

Study types

B2C, B2B, hot, cold customer satisfaction study

Mystery shoppers

Behaviour and usage study

Pre and post test for a new service/product

Pre and post test for communications

Reputation and image study

Social climate study, HR barometer

Employer brand evaluation

CSR commitment perception study for a brand

Public policy evaluation

“We’ve been entrusting all our surveys to COHDA for 3 years. Their expertise and advice have enabled us to accurately measure our customers’ satisfaction and thus improve our offer year after year. What’s more, their professionalism transmits an excellent image to our customers interviewed.”

— Philippe Chedru, CEO of OXYMETAL

“The COHDA team combine attentiveness and proactiveness, two essential qualities for a service provider responding to a public market.”


“COHDA stands for professionalism, attentiveness to the client and high-quality work. Each time we’ve called on them, they’ve met our requirements with efficiency and quality. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

— Patrick DUFOUR, Member of the Executive Board of CEAPC

“Optimal collaboration despite the distance, professionalism, proactiveness and attentiveness.”

— Lucile WEILL-BARILLET, Research Officer at ADEUS

“In 6 years of collaboration, I’m highly satisfied with COHDA’s dedicated and professional guidance. The project manager is very attentive, proactive and follows up on the file as required. We’ve built up a true relationship of trust.”

— Isabelle BAUDELET, Marketing Action Officer at UEM

“The COHDA Institute adapted perfectly to the exceptional situation of the first lockdown, in particular by implementing the necessary tools to ensure service quality.”

— CB, Statistical Studies Officer for the REGION GRAND EST regional authority

“A very serious company which demonstrates a high level of availability for its clients. COHDA has managed to meet our requirements perfectly and to adapt whenever necessary. I’d recommend COHDA without any hesitation.”

— LM , Housing Research Officer at ADIL DES BOUCHES DU RHÔNE

“A huge thanks for your involvement and proactiveness to all the team, which I have the pleasure of working with each time we call on you for a survey! Your programmer is a magician and when listening in, we were impressed by the interviewers’ professionalism in adapting to our environment.”

— Sylvie DANILO DURAN, Head of Marketing & Communication Studies at INNOVAL

We meet your needs

Solutions d'études comprendre et suivre votre marché

Understand and monitor your market

solution d'études evaluer les politiques publiques

Assess public policies

optimiser votre offre Solutions d'études

Optimise your offer

ajuster vos actions de communication

Adjust your communication actions

explorer et optimiser l’expérience client

Explore and optimise the customer experience

Offre cohda decrypter les comportements et usages

Decode habits and behaviour

Solutions d'études écouter vos salariés

Listen to your employees

Solution d'etudes ecouter les citoyens

Listen to citizens

Etudes BtoB BtoC recruter un panel

Hire a panel

qualifier et analyser vos bases de données

Qualify and analyse your databases

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