4 values we embody and which bring us together

COHDA made its debut in the survey market 12 years ago, fostered by its past (a spin-off of the Studies and Surveys department of the Téléperformance Group) and driven by the desire to write its own story by building on this precious legacy while carving out a place for itself. Little by little, we found our bearings, a new organisation was formed around common values we wished to put into words: professionalism, engagement, trust and agility are the words we collectively chose because they are profound markers of our identity, they guide and inspire our actions and the exceptional business project that we are proud to embody.

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We are often asked this question. Its meaning lies in the direction it is read in: COHDA becomes ‘AD HOC’ (to measure). This game of mirrors is the signature of our approach: to consider the ‘end’ of a project in order to identify its ‘beginning’ and to lay all the issues on the table to build intelligently. It is your aims and the questions you are asking yourselves which guide us in our choice of methods. It is the taking into account of everything that characterises the context which enables us to optimise the tools and ensure the relevance of our analyses. Music lovers may also spot the end of a composition or a navigation marker.

COHDA speaking

COHDA operates its own call centre in its premises located in Bouscat (Bordeaux) and thus guarantees you controlled telephone fieldwork, without the need for offshore support or sub-contractors, operating in France and overseas, exclusively by telephone or combined with other collection methods. Divided into 4 platforms on a human scale, our call centre is organised around 50 work stations (which can be upped to 70 via remote working) and hosts 80% of our surveys, with the remaining 20% produced through other interview methods.

tele enquetrice cohda au travail
Work stations
surveys conducted on average per year
Questions administered in 2022
500m2 of grey matter

Seeing what we embody from the inside

As firm believers that you cannot progress without feedback, we also listen to our clients and evaluate their satisfaction at the end of a service provision, in order to improve our offers, build long-term relationships and shape the COHDA of the future.

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What spontaneously satisfies our clients :

1. human relationships: proactiveness, smooth exchanges, attentiveness and availability,

2. the expertise and professionalism of the team,

3. the quality of analysis and delivery.



of our clients interviewed rank us better than other institutes they have worked with. 33% rank us on a par.



A good result for a demanding criterion which usually struggles to reach 7/10 in BtoB satisfaction surveys.

Our partner network

Qualitative specialists, experts in HR, communication, the digital sector, consultation or environmental transition, panellists, start-ups, file suppliers, translators, etc., we have built an ecosystem of trustworthy partners around us with whom we share more than just projects, in order to design efficient and innovative survey tools and to provide each client with tailor-made support from the most appropriate expertise for their issues.

A project, a message? Interested in working with us?

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