The taking into account of social, societal and environmental aspects has always been at the heart of COHDA’s business project. Whether it is the quality of working life, equal pay, responsible buying or waste sorting, etc., we firmly believe in the role that the company must play in these areas and are convinced that it is possible to develop our activities while contributing to the fulfilment of our staff, to the balance of our region and the control of our environmental impact. All this without accreditation nor certification, just the desire and the willingness to contribute, even a little, to a better world !

The meaning behind our history

CODHA was created in April 2011 under the initiative of its director, Séverine Goasguen, when she took over the Studies and Surveys activity of Teleperformance France, which was due to disappear under a redundancy plan. This spin-off project helped to safeguard a unique expertise in Bordeaux, along with numerous jobs, and definitively marked our history and our CSR engagement.

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Humanity at the heart of the matrix

At COHDA, there is no table football, no barbecue or table tennis, just consultation, a sense of responsibility and communication which operates on all levels, in a pleasant working environment conducive to a flourishing workforce and the liberation of positive energy. There are young and less young employees, beginners and experts, people on vocational integration, athletes, musicians, food lovers, travellers and red, blue, yellow and green personalities; in other words, a diversity which is fostered in keeping with the diversity charter signed in 2014.

Results of our staff satisfaction survey in 2021 :

Global satisfaction
…COHDA employees are somewhat or very satisfied
General atmosphere
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Internal communication
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As we also have a vested interest in our ecosystem, we prioritise local service providers and support initiatives which contribute to skills and job development in our region.

Think global,
act local !

COHDA is engaged alongside the non-profit organisation NQT for equal opportunities

  • by helping young higher-level graduates, aged under 30 and from priority districts, rural areas and modest social backgrounds on their way to employment,

  • via a sponsorship scheme which several COHDA employees, including its CEO Séverine Goasguen, wished to sign up for.

COHDA supports tooBordo, a local associative media…

  • which aims to promote the diversity and vibrancy of the initiatives, opinions and talent which contribute to the wealth of the Bordeaux region, by giving everyone an opportunity to be heard and listened to, to act and react.

  • COHDA was won over by the originality of this scheme and the enthusiasm and professionalism of the tooBordo team, in addition to the social aspect of its open educational programme.

COHDA supports the HERMIONE (Rochefort) project and the training, integration and social actions led by its foundation to :

  • Promote the knowledge of manual professions, in particular those related to traditional shipbuilding in an educational framework for populations with learning or social difficulties,

  • Train young volunteers to sail a large yacht, as part of a programme for citizen integration and openness to the world,

  • Promote professional sectors and apprenticeship procedures aimed at attracting young people struggling with their career orientation, by drawing on the renown of the Hermione ship.

Green in the workings

We recycle (almost) all our waste, including masks, and are committed to carrying out our service provision from a perspective of responsible resource use, by prioritising :

  • Black & white, two-sided printing,

  • The use of recycled paper,

  • The use of ‘green’ electricity from a certified renewable source, produced from hydraulic, wind, solar, geothermic, wave, tidal or biomass energy,

  • The virtualisation of our servers in order to rationalise the energy impact of its infrastructures,

  • The use of servers (which support the various virtual machines required for our activity) equipped with energy-efficient processors, memories and power supply units,

  • Meetings via videoconference, telephone and email,

  • Travel by train for all staff members.

For our 10th anniversary, we committed to two agroforestry projects to promote the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. 200 trees were planted in our region in association with our clients, partners and my-tree:

Proud to have worked alongside more than 250 clients

A generalist study institution, we operate in numerous sectors of activity, often with very different specificities and issues, and on behalf of major groups and small-to-medium businesses, mainly in France but also overseas.

A project, a message? Interested in working with us?

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